About Artruism

We have created this organization to co-ordinate the work of musicians, writers and other artists, producers and people who want to participate to promote authentic performance art. We are conscious of the fundamental role that sincere artistic production plays in our lives, culturally, educationally and socially.

What is Artruism?

It is an horizontal network where artists and members share skills and abilities to improve production and promotion within a framework of independence, facilitating cooperative working from any physical place and with flexible modes of working.

Who are we?
Our vision

We believe that the social function of the arts is to improve life. The full development of personal abilities improves the well being of society, and for that personal development, arts should be authentic, free, sincere, independent and committed. To achieve these aims we have come together to ensure optimal conditions for the production and promotion of the arts, working collectively with people who share this outlook.

Contact us!

We invite those who want to participate in our project, and/or have proposals or questions, to join us. You can be involved with Artruism in many ways, with arts, promotion, technical support, legal advice, contacts, ideas, financing and donations, among others. In the link Join Us! you will find information about the different ways to participate.


For some years we have being trying and testing similar ways of organization, which allow artists to channel energies and discover tools for self production. Thereby gaining autonomy, independence and freedom of expression in their artistic decisions.

After some experience in Latin America and Europe, we realize that despite cultural, social and economic differences, artist share similar problems and challenges everywhere in the world.

Hence it is that this idea or organization looks forward perhaps not to an utopian goal of uniting all artists, but is an example of a world wide organization which embraces innovative ways of working facilitated by technlogical advances, giving us better cultural products.


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