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Here are some details of the areas that we are concentrating on and that you can participate in either casually or regularly, as a freelancer, under contract or available in the data base for consultation.

The HUMAN RESOURCES Group, selects candidates, assigns contacts and participants to specific areas and/or activities. (coordinates with manager and selects candidates, helpers and work-experiences staff)

The DATA BASE Group receives, organizes and manages the contacts.

The MANAGEMENT Group is in charge of the coordination and general supervise, working in conjunction with lawyers and accountants, providing the annual balance and the accounts of the organization.

The PRODUCTION Group is in charge of co-ordinating the artistic proposals while updating and promoting the artistic productions (bands, artists, etc. )

The PROMOTION and BOOKING Group is in charge of promoting bands, performances, concerts, etc. (They would use the information from the data base and the calendar).

The MARKETING Group is in charge of coordinating the marketing of artists and of the organization, including online marketing, the press, logistics, groups and artists.

The CALENDAR Group Supervise the events calendar

The ADMINISTRATION, LOGISTICS and LEGAL Group is responsible for advising members about contracts, authors, interpreters and producers’ rights. This group also co-ordinates with touring bands and artists. Helping them with logistics of this mode of working including translating and interpreting. (in case of travel, hotels this would be coordinated with a member of the band). Legal advise, by region for the organization and the individual bands. Contracts for members.

The FINANCE Group are those who approach sponsors, apply for grants, engage in partnerships or other forms of financing the projects.

The IDEAS: A group for improvement, renewal and development of the organization. It is in charge of collecting ideas.

The ACCOUNTING Group is responsible for taxes and advice for the organization and the artists as individuals. Wages and contracts of employees and partners.

Other activities:

Designers, photographers, Stage designers, IT- developers/ event management, managers, record labels, editorial houses, social PR, journalists, press agents, Audio-visuals, sound engineers